Animation Projects:

Projects I animated and directed as a MFA Candidate at USC's prestigious film school. Please follow the link to my MFA page on John C. Hench DADA site for more information about the program and my USC projects work:


The Art of Computer Science: DNA Computing


Untitled 544

Role: Director, Editor, Animator Motion Graphics Artist, CG  artist

Software: Maya, Illustrator, After Effects


A brief overview of Leonard Adleman’s 1994 research on DNA computing to solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem, aka “The Traveling Salesman”.

© 2013 University of Southern California.

Role: Director, Editor, Animator, Motion Graphics

Software: Dragonframe, After Effects


Untitled 544 is an experimental film that comments on how our society watches too much media. In the film, a man sits in his chair all day with his eyes glued to the television. The vast number of mixed media images overloads the man's senses and completely destroys him.
The video features stop motion, scratch on 16mm film, and digital effects.

© 2012 University of Southern California.

Role: Director, Editor, Animator

Software: Dragonframe, After Effects, Maya


A short experimental film from my Expanded Animation Class at USC. The video plays with idea of ideas of nightmares.

© 2012 University of Southern California.