Motion Graphics & Title Design

Role: Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Editor

The fast-paced title sequence introduces the feature length documentary about the Cincinnati Rollergirls.

Film Synopsis:
Entrepreneur, dental hygienist, and bank teller by day, but by night... well, therein lies the story. "The Roller Derby Queens" is a documentary inside the lives, passions, and friendships of the Cincinnati Black Sheep and the everyday women who participate in the rough and tough world of roller derby. Follow the veterans and rookies as they prepare for their first 2010 home game in the Cincinnati Gardens.


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The Roller Derby Queens

Title Sequence

Xavier University's Brand X

Title Sequence

Role: Title Designer, Director of Photography, Compositor (from :00 - :11), Editor (Montage of music video clips)

Intro to Xavier University's Brand X show.
Brand X is a student run television program aimed at exposing urban citizens and college students to various types of independent and mainstream music.


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Role: Graphic Designer, Editor, Animator

An animated video entry to MENC Copyright Awareness Scholarship Program sponsored by the Music Publishers' Association.


Mr. Copyright: Or How I Stop Infringing and Love Originality