Marguerite is a 1960s French New Wave stylized film following the story of Marguerite, a brokenhearted cafe waitress, who laments over the break up with her mysterious lover.

Actors: Hannah Balash, Reid Faylor, Jason Fair, Paul Lieber, Connor Lynch, Catherine Mardo, Anna Reid, Kyle Wendling
Director: LaMar Ford
Producers: LaMar Ford, Kelly Farrell

Screenwriters: Hannah Balash, Kelly Farrell
Director of Photography: LaMar Ford
Editor: Jason Fair
Sound Designer: LaMar Ford
Cristin Almeter
Charles Dickson
Miles Joyner
Lauren O'Connor
PJ O'Keefe​

© 2009 Xavier University



2010 Honoary Award BEA Festival of Media Arts - Narrative

2009 Official Selection Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival