Greg White looks for Andrés Safarro to write a lucrative exposé on him. This movie is part of the 2010 Cincinnati 48 Film Festival.

Genre: Musical or Western
Prop: Lemon
Character: Greg White, Writer
Line: "I need a drink."

C-47 Pictures Team:

LaMar Ford
Natasha Ford
Cayla Ford
Santiago Segura
Stuart McNeill
Liz Hook
Nick Schmidt
Aaron Wenzel

John Reese

Music by: Nicolas Segura

Song: "Solution to an Indian Problem" by Mad Anthony

48 Hour Film Projects

Cowboys & Indians (2010)

Deadline (2009)

​Queen City Star reporter Allan Wasserman covers the 10 year anniversary of the Kent State Shooting. He has all the survivors interviews except for Lynn Pellaton. Alan tries to get her interview before story's deadline.
2009 48 Hour Film Festival - Cincinnati, OH


Genre: Period Piece


Director: LaMar Ford
Producers: Connor Lynch & Paul Lieber
Writers: Kelly Farrell & Paul LIeber
Paul Lieber
Regina Pugh
Stuart McNiel
Hannah Balash
Connor Lynch
Daniel Campbell
Pat Posani
Shawn Adams
Director of Photography: Chris Lewis
Editor: Pat Posani
Audio: Alexis Jennings
Production Designer: C​onnor Lynch
Gaffer: Sara Watson
Script Supervisors: Alea Ford & Natasha Ford
Costumes & Props: Liz Hook & Elle Rothan
Fun Fact: The film was shot during Father's Day weekend.